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The Sneaky Universe Titles

Not sure which Sneaky Press book is right for you or your little people. Use this guide to help you make the right choice. Once you make your decision, click here to be taken directly to the Sneaky Universe Store to make purchase and have it on its way to you in no time.

Different is OK

“Different is OK” was written to address the increasing need to acknowledge and accept diversity among us. It is brightly illustrated, and aims to encourage discussion about and acceptance of all kinds of difference, including neurodiversity. It acknowledges our individual differences, our varying preferences and most importantly, it helps us remember that we should be celebrating the differences which make us unique. Included  is a bonus hands-on activity after the main text. An easy to follow, make your own “Different is OK” Kritta. 

Different is OK is also available in French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian editions.  

Get your copy here.  

Did You Hear That?

Bunyip and Henrietta the spider are enjoying listening to the sounds all around the, but there is one sound they don’t recognise. What could it be?

Did You Hear That? is also available in Arabic, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. 

Get your copy here.

The Sneaky Puss Series

Sneaky Puss Goes Exploring is the first book in the Sneaky Puss series. Meet the mischievous Sneaky Puss who is no ordinary pet cat - he can find extra-ordinary fun in the most ordinary of places. Read along to see what he gets up to as he explores all the rooms in his house.  Then follow along as he explores outside, at a farm, at the beach, and at the snow.

Beautifully illustrated, every page filled with familiar objects and ideas, all titles in the Sneaky Puss series provide many opportunities to prompt discussion and build communication skills and of course after all the fun, Sneaky Puss curls up in a comfy spot and has a nap - perfect for bedtime!

Also available in Arabic, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. 

Get your copy here.

The Random Facts Series

This series collates and presents interesting fun facts in a way that any independent reader can understand and enjoy. Perfect for little people and big people who want to learn something new  in small chunks while having fun. Each brightly illustrated book  also includes jokes to share with others and explanations of commonly heard cliches and idioms. You can buy individual titles, or subscribe to the Random Facts Book Club to get a new book each month delivered to your mailbox. 

The Book of Random Brain Facts

Do you know which emperor was served 600 brains to eat in one meal? Or which animal has the largest brain? Or what it means to have a brain like a sieve? This book is full of fun and interesting facts about brains. Take a look inside to add a fact or two to your own brain. 

Also available in Arabic.

Get your copy here.

The Book of Random Sleep Facts

This book is full of fun and interesting facts about sleep. Do you know why we sleep? Or what happens when we don’t get enough sleep? Or which animal spends over two thirds of each day asleep? Take a look inside to find out. 

Get your copy here.

The Book of Random Car Facts

Do you know when the first car was built? Or which car maker produces the most cars each year? Or where and when the first car race occurred? To find out and many other interesting facts about cars take a look inside.

Get your copy here.

Sofie Rose Marin: A Special Day!

Meet Sofie Rose Marin. She and her trusty sidekick, Missy, her pet cat love adventure and surprise. In this first book in this brand new series, find out what surprises await Sofie Rose Marin as she celebrates her 8th birthday. 

Get your copy here.

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