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About Us

Sneaky Puss was first created by Pauline. Looking for someone to bring him to life, she asked her colleague Rick to help. Having a captivating character was important to Pauline. As a secondary school teacher with the firm belief that literacy is key to success in life and this starts in the home, Pauline's  aim is to help parents help their young children improve their communication skills.

Reading stories at bedtime can be a great way to settle children and get them ready for sleep but can also be a great opportunity for parent-child bonding and perhaps some teachable moments.

Sneaky Puss Goes Exploring, the first title in the series, delivers delightfully coloured illustrations and minimal text to prompt discussion between parent and child to provide opportunities to learn and practice some common vocabulary items. All the Sneaky Puss stories have been written with parents in mind battling the dreaded bedtime stand-off  -  all  titles end with Sneaky Puss curling up for a nap — perfect for enticing youngsters to sleep!

— The Team

Making magic with words and pictures

Pauline Malkoun

Writer and literacy advocate, hoping to change the world one picture book at a time.

Rick Sgambellone

Artist and illustrator, hoping to change the world one picture at a time.

Hasitha Eranga

I like to speak to your heart through my art.

Jess Rubulis

Animal lover and illustrator.

The first Sneaky Universe star!

No ordinary pet cat!

Some of the Kritta's starring in Different is OK

Celebrating uniqueness together!

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